Facial Wash

How to prevent & treat skin irritation caused by wearing PP face masks

Caused by repeated friction, pressure and irritation from wearing the masks.

Your skin may be red, inflamed, feel sore to the touch, dry, flaky, breakouts appear. Congested pores can be blocked by perspiration, make-up and oil under the mask. The lack of air circulating and  breath trapped in the mask causes moisture to build up and allows bacteria to breed.

Here are our top tips for you:

Do not wear make-up in the area of the mask.

Use a fresh, clean mask every day to prevent bacteria breeding.

Remove when safe to do so to allow the air to circulate.

Remove the mask as soon as you return home.

Double cleanse with a PH balanced cleanser.

Exfoliate up to three times a week to prevent pores becoming blocked.

Salicylic acid products are great to clean pores and regulate oil production and breakouts.

For irritated skin try an enzyme exfoliator which is gentle.

Follow with a clay based mask to draw out impurities and oil or a soothing mask to calm irritation.

Finish with a hydrating lotion with hyaluronic acid to accelerate healing.

Book a professional facial with us to deep cleanse and exfoliate to promote healing and balance the skin.

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