Why book a massage?

You can think of it as a natural form of medicine. Promotes a better mood and combats stress as it reduces the levels of cortisol (stress related hormone) in the body and boosts serotonin and dopamine, giving a feeling of wellbeing and reducing anxiety.
Eases aches and pains and improves flexibility.
Improves sleep and reduces migraines.
Boosts the immune system and improves skin condition by stimulating the removal of waste products through the lymphatic system.
Wellbeing treatments are becoming hugely popular; booking massages on holiday, to celebrate special occasions or on a regular basis as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Oil Massage

Why choose a mobile massage service?

Very convenient, you are saving time. You do not need to rush and can relax after your service as you do not need to drive home.
Every session is customized for your specific needs.
You control the space in your home regarding hygiene standards. A "safer space" within your home.
You don't have to worry about parking, traffic, public transport and save money on petrol.
If you are sleepy afterwards you can relax and go straight to sleep.
You can choose your own music if you prefer.
I travel throughout the North East and Yorkshire areas.  Contact me and i will discuss with you.

Reiki Treatment

What can i expect from my first massage appointment?

When i arrive we can discuss a suitable space in your location to set up my table. I will bring all equipment and linens, oils etc needed.

Before starting i will refer to the consultation form you have already completed during the booking process. We can discuss any areas of concern, discomfort, allergies etc. It is important to list all health concerns and medications so that i can customize the session according to your individual needs. This will also ensure you receive the most beneficial massage. If you have any questions this is a good opportunity to have them explained. We can discuss the sequence of your service so you will be comfortable.

Prior to my arrival please take a shower to be fresh for your massage.

After the consultation i will explain how to get settled on the table under the sheets and i will leave the room for your privacy. In most cases it is beneficial to undress to your underwear, however we can adapt the treatment to the level you are comfortable with. Throughout the massage you will be covered by sheets and a blanket; all except the area being worked on, to ensure you are feeling comfortable and secure.

The full time is given e.g 60 min massage starts when i begin the service. Set up time, consultation and packing are not included in this time frame. Another advantage over a Spa visit where you are likely to receive a 50 min massage as the consultation etc is included in your appointment time frame.

I will check in with you as the treatment progresses, to ensure you are happy with the pressure and adjust accordingly. You are free to talk at any point or remain quiet; this is your time to relax and your preference.

I will bring music to play with a choice of relaxing or more uplifting sounds. We can play your favourite, even if it is rock music! Silence can also be golden!

I appreciate feedback so please do not hesitate to let me know if you need the pressure adjusting, light in the room altered, if you are too warm or cold or do not like the music etc.

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing before we begin and an outfit that you do not mind wearing if you prefer to leave oil on your skin.

Back Pain

How often should i have a massage?

During your pregnancy after the first trimester you can treat yourself to a massage as often as you like (from week 14 onwards). If you are experiencing back and muscular pain, leg cramps, sleeplessness or swelling we recommend coming once a week in the last trimester.

Post - Natal massage; if you have had a healthy pregnancy and delivery without any major complication, a massage can be safely given as soon as you are ready. However if you have a caesarean section you will usually need to wait at least six weeks for the scar tissue to heal.

We are all individuals with our own specific requirements. I can advise a booking regime to address relaxation or target particular areas of stress.


Aftercare Advice

Most people feel very relaxed; some will have fallen asleep!! Snoring i take as a compliment too!! Some experience a significant reduction or complete freedom from an ache or pain.
If you receive a Deep tissue massage you may be sore the next day, a hot bath or shower can help to ease this.
Please ensure you drink plenty of water to hydrate and help eliminate toxins from the body. Eat light food for the rest of the day and avoid alcohol.